Here’s what’s new at GorillaDesk

June 2020

Cheetah Update

  • Calendar load speed has improved by 5x on the desktop
  • Calendars previously loaded from 2.5-3 seconds and are now loading at 600 ms.
  • These improvements expand to customer search, customer records, reports and more
  • Almost all areas of the application have received benefits from the Cheetah update

Android fixes 2.7.11

  • Fixed zoom issue when using ‘Sketch’.
  • Fixed document status display issue.
  • Fixed 3 line limit when viewing job tiles. 

May 2020

Community fixes and improvements 

  • Improved loading time for customer profiles.
  • Accurate email status: You can now mouse over to view the error message.
  • Improved loading for SMS chatbox.
  • Improved loading job events on the calendar.

April 2020

Email Inbox and Email Templates

  • Send and receive emails all from within your GorillaDesk account. 
  • Email accounts with IMAP set up will have 2-way sync which automatically attaches incoming emails (and emails you send outside of GorillaDesk) to your leads.
  • Email tracking will allow you to track when sent emails are opened.
  • Customize your very own email templates and save them for future use. 

Click here to learn more.


  • Add a surcharge line item to all invoices paid through this merchant.
  • Customize your surcharge’s note, item and taxes to modify how it will appear on your invoices.

Change weather format

  • You now have the ability to choose which weather scale you’d like when pulling weather data.
  • This can be found in your Company Settings. 

Review Engine improvement

  • You now have the ability to bypass GorillaDesk’s Review capture and send customers directly to your review link.
  • Please note that with this enabled, reviews will not be captured in service and likely rating reports. 

Mobile bug fixes


  • An issue causing HTML to appear in note fields and line item descriptions has been resolved.
  • An issue affecting missing photos in notes has also been resolved.


  • An issue affecting notes formatting has been fixed.

January 2020

Fixes around issues caused by the newest iOS update.

We’ve released an update to the mobile app to address a few issues affecting users on certain iOS devices. 

  • Fixed: White loading screen issues when opening the app.
  • Fixed: Voice to text not functioning as intended.

December 2019

E-Sign Estimates & Invoices

Take your customer management to the next level with the ability to email invoices and estimates for e-signature. This feature is only available on the Pro Plan and will allow your customers to:

  • Sign an invoice or estimate directly from their email.
  • Forward their signed paperwork back to your GorillaDesk account with just a click.
  • Download a signed copy of their paperwork.

Task Management Inbox!

Stay organized and keep your team on track with task management inside GorillaDesk. Available for all users and plans.

  • Open up any job or customer’s account to create a task for yourself or another user.
  • View daily task notifications in your dedicated task inbox.
  • Complete your assigned tasks or snooze them for the future.

Updated NPMA-33 is Here!

  • The updated version of the NPMA-33 can be found in the document library.
  • Please note that the previous NPMA-33 will be obsolete after 12/31/19.

Mobile App Update (iOS 13)

We’ve updated the mobile app to resolve some issues caused by Apples’ iOS 13 updates. The following issues should be resolved at this time:

  • Voice to text cutting out
  • App crashing when voice to text is used
  • Cursor issue on notes – Cannot move the cursor beyond up and down, and cannot create an estimate.
  • Cannot copy and paste
  • Signatures not functioning correctly

November 2019

SMS Global Override (power-up)

  • It can be found under Settings > SMS Text Messaging
  • IMPORTANT: Once activated, this feature will override ALL of your current Customer Messaging preferences and opt them into SMS as well as Email.

Stripe Subscription Updates

  • Stripe Subscription End Dates! You now have the ability to set an end date when adding a Stripe Subscription to a customer’s account.
  • Click here to learn more about Stripe Subscription billing.

Recent Fixes

  • An issue with drag and drop functionality on iPads using iOS 13 has been resolved. You should now be able to drag and drop a job using the desktop version of GorillaDesk on an iPad using Chrome or Safari.
  • An issue causing some users to be thrown back to the login screen when attempting to access various features inside the desktop application.
  • An issue causing your payment method to default to ‘Stripe’ whenever taking payments has been resolved. 
  • A Bug causing random text in job notes to appear as links have also been resolved.

October 2019

HTML Code issue fixed

  • An issue causing HTML code to appear within line item descriptions has been resolved

Credit Card Log

  • Allow customers to choose if they would like to save their card to the portal only or to GorillaDesk.
  • Note: effective only for cards added today and moving forward.

Payment Log

  • View your customer’s payment in GorillaDesk.
  • This will show timestamped logs of how payments were made and which user processed the payment.
  • Payment logs can be found in the ‘Customer Note’ section of their account.

New Statement Filters

These filters will allow you to:

  • Display P.O. numbers
  • Display payment date
  • Display $0 (non-payment) invoices

Invoice Frequency Improvements

New invoice frequency improvements will allow you to:

  • Edit the next recurring invoice.
  • Delete the invoice template if you would like to stop it from recurring.
  • Delete a job with a recurring invoice attached without having to delete the invoice as well.

September 2019

SMS ‘On the way’ Messaging

Maximize your customer communication like never before, with our new SMS ‘On the Way’ feature! With just a few clicks you can:

  • Provide your customers with an accurate arrival time, updated in real-time.
  • Allow your customers to view your location on a map, as you travel to their service location.

Click here to learn more. 

Stripe and Square Updates

Our latest Stripe and Square updates will make your billing process more robust than ever. Now, you can:

  • Save multiple cards onto your customer’s account using both Stripe and Square.​
  • Provide your customers with the ability to save multiple cards into their customer portal.
  • Set your default payment method and allow your customers to pay online using both Stripe or Square.

August 2019

Mobile Version 2.7

  • Route lines will now display on the map view.
  • Map view gains the ability to view upcoming jobs.
  • Paste an On the Way SMS message.
  • Scheduling option to repeat daily every 60 days.
  • Scheduling option for the 1st & 3rd week of the month.
  • Scheduling option for the 2nd & 4th week of the month.
  • Upload multiple images at once with multi-select.

July 2019

Commission Tracking

This tool will add another layer to make your sales process more seamless than ever. With Commission Tracking you can:

  • Save even more time while leveling up your sales process.
  • Assign a percentage or numerical value to each of your line items.
  • Apply those custom values to all or specific team members to track results.
  • Easily run a report to collect your data.
  • Fine-tune your report by date range, commission type, staff member, invoice status and payment method to produce the exact results you need.
  • Export your report to .CSV, Excel or Print with just a click.

Color Coding

GorillaDesk’s new color-coding feature makes scheduling even easier.

  • Assign custom colors to your service templates and watch them come to life on your calendar AND in your work pool.
  • Toggle between job status, service, zip, and county color variations to best fit your workflow. 
  • Easily schedule jobs based on proximity or service type. 

Click the link below for more info! 

Learn About Color Coding

Mobile Version 2.6

  • View your jobs on the new mobile app map view. Click here to learn more.
  • Fixed an issue uploading images to Sketch.
  • Real-time improvements & display load times.
  • Updates and support for new phone versions.

April 2019

Invoice Frequency

Invoice Frequency will allow your invoice to:

  • Repeat on a separate frequency than your recurring job
  • Automatically send by email on the specified date
  • Enhance your workflow when a billing cycle doesn’t align with a recurring service
  • Make your billing options much more robust
  • Available across desktop & mobile

Mobile Version 2.5

  • User notifications now have a Read and Unread view
  • Images now automatically preview in notes
  • Add materials easier with improved UI
  • Recurring job notes feature comes to the app
  • Ability to remove and delete invoices
  • Copy and paste now works inside SMS chat
  • Fixes for pulling from image libraries
  • Additional community fixes and optimizations

March 2019

Write Off Invoice Status

Invoice Frequency will allow your invoice to:

  • Repeat on a separate frequency than your recurring job
  • Automatically send by email on the specified date
  • Enhance your workflow when a billing cycle doesn’t align with a recurring service
  • Make your billing options much more robust
  • Available across desktop & mobile

Mobile Version 2.4.9

  • Faster page loading processes and animations
  • Job changelogs are now available
  • New Permission: remove the ability to choose “this time and all recurring”
  • Sent invoice status is no longer required for taking a payment
  • Address autocomplete is now improved for more countries
  • Improved real-time job status changes
  • Fix for pulling Square payments
  • Fix for pulling weather data
  • Additional fixes based on community feedback

November 2018


  • Our in-app graphing and drawing features for field use. It’s out now for Android. 

Download for Android >>

Coming soon to iOS

Customer Portal

  • Our first iteration of the most mobile-friendly customer portal on the market.

Review Generation

  • Where other companies are charging $250-$299 per month for review generation, GorillaDesk has pushed review tools to our Pro plan at no added cost. 
  • Yes it’s time for you to upgrade to Pro!

October 2018

Mobile Version 2.4.5

  • Add Documents to Customer Accounts (no job required)
  • Ability to Add Discounts to Invoices
  • Settings to Control Your Map Preference (Waze integration now available)
  • Lock Icon to Signal Locked Events
  • Upload from Your Device for Location & Device Photos

Coming soon to mobile:

  • Drawing and graphing in the app
  • More offline job features

Desktop updates

  • Bill to CC email field is now available to set a second email for receiving invoices and receipts
  • Quickly pull materials from the previous recurring service
  • Based on your feedback we’ve updated your desktop map pins to coordinate with the color assigned to each schedule.

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